Danielle DeLuca Pytell MD

Vitials Review for Dr. Danielle Deluca-Pytell – FE

Coming straight from a consultation with another doctor, Dr. Deluca-Pytell was the clear first choice for my breast reduction. Having struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember, and having a chest that required one regular, and two sports bras to workout, I was stuck, ready but unable to move forward. Finally I made the decision to have breast reduction surgery. Upon finding Dr. Deluca-Pytell, I knew I had made the correct decision. She has walked me step-by-step through everything – pre and post-op procedures, what to expect – and is still available whenever I need her. She stopped in unexpectedly to visit me the afternoon after my surgery. When I was worried about something a week or so after the surgery, she made sure I saw her to be sure that everything was alright. She has played a key role in my fight with my weight, a fight I am now winning. I am just about seven months post-op, and have lost 23 pounds so far. I could not have achieved this without the surgery, and I cannot imagine having had the surgery with anyone other than Dr. Deluca-Pytell. She went, and continues to go above and beyond what I could have asked for from a surgeon, and she is definitely my recommendation for anyone considering plastic or reconstructive surgery.